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Source: The Self-Governing Region of Trenčín’s Website

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13.april 2021


Masks donated for the vaccinated

In these tough times, the sense of solidarity and mutual help is valuable, even more so when good people connect to help others. That’s also the case of a gift that came from China through a Trenčín company all the way to the Trenčín district and from there straight to people.

“I appreciate the help of every company and every person who donates their effort or a gift to make this corona crisis end as soon as possible. That’s why I would like to thank the company VRM Trenčín that, together with the Slovak-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, donated 10 thousand pieces of FFP2 masks to Trenčín district, “said Jaroslav Baška, the President of Trenčín Region. And since the district is also big-hearted, the gift will serve the citizens of Trenčín region in two large-scale regional vaccine centers in Trenčín and Prievidza. “Everyone vaccinated in the large-scale vaccine center, whether in Trenčín EXPO CENTER or in Prievidza Ice stadium, will receive 1 mask, “the President added. The valuable gift came from someone who personally visited the Trenčín district as a member of delegation from Chinese city Cangzhou. “It’s Mister Li Pengan, the representative of Slovak-China Business Center, who collaborates closely with various companies in Slovakia, including our VIRTUAL REALITY MEDIA, and supplies these masks to the Slovak market,”Pavol Grman, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of VRM, a.s., Trenčín, explained.