On a sunny day, May 22nd, 2023, our company warmly welcomed a group of approximately 40 students from the St. John Bosco Secondary School of Information Technology to our premises. This exciting excursion provided the students, who are in their second year, with a unique opportunity to explore our MI-17 and Boeing 737 simulators. They were able to witness first-hand the thrilling experiences and technical aspects that occur in the aviation industry.

To enhance their visit, our knowledgeable employees, with their expertise in the field, enthusiastically answered the students’ questions, providing not only technical explanations but also sharing real-life situations encountered in the skies. We believe in inspiring the next generation of IT professionals and are delighted to offer selected students the chance to undertake an internship program with our company. This specialized practical experience will allow them to further develop their skills in the field of information technology and eventually make valuable contributions directly to our organization.

At our company, we pride ourselves on fostering educational initiatives and providing students with hands-on experiences that go beyond the classroom. We believe that by nurturing their talents and passion for technology, we can help shape a bright future for these young minds. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with educational institutions and supporting aspiring IT professionals in their journey towards success.